Saber Alethoub


Drama, Bedouin

"Al- Athoub" loves her knight and cousin (Fazaz) son of sheikh "Nawaf" but she gets kidnapped on the day of her wedding due to her beauty that she was well known for between the Arab tribes, where "Tarshouq" the old man falls in love with her, he heard of her beauty from the poet "Ibn- Wasef" and hoped to have a child from her to carry his name and rule which he took by force from his brother (Nimr) a rule he also took from his niece (Saber)..

"Tarshouq" kidnaps "Saber’s" mother and hides her to bargain against kidnapping "Al- athoub" if he wants to see his mother alove, so "Saber" leaves unwillingly with "Znoud" which is promised by "Tarshouq" that he will give his daughter "Masarra" to, "Saber" and "Znoud" are then able to kidnap "Al- athoub", "Tarshouq" then gets rid of "Saber" by killing "Kohailan" and framing the murder on "Saber" that now becomes a fugitive hunted by "Kohailan" cousins..

"Tarshouq" shakes the thrones of the tribes and wreaks havoc in the desert alongside his minions and thugs and the word spreads between the tribes that "Saber", the thugs leader is the one doing this unto them, becoming in turn a wanted man for the tribes and a target for them.

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