Front Row & Film Clinic to co-produce “Luxor” - a story of a post-trauma romance


 By     January 20,2020


Dubai-based distributors Gianluca Chakra and Hisham Al Ghanim will be co-producing the movie ‘Luxor’ with Egyptian producer Mohamed Hefzy through his Cairo-based company Film Clinic under the Front Row banner.


"It’s a very intimate, personal and moving film that I hope can fulfil its ambitions and travel beyond borders" said Hefzy.


"It’s hopefully going to be one of those films that will have a healthy festival run across the world maximizing its publicity and exposure worldwide." Commented Chakra


'Hana, who is seeking mental peace and physical respite after an overwhelming period spent working at a clinic in Ramtha, on the Jordanian-Syrian border, where she specialised in treating victims wounded in the war in Syria.


She finds solace in majestic Luxor, Egypt, where she lived in her 20s and dated a handsome archeologist, Sultan, who was also studying there.


On this nostalgic solo trip, she lingers through memory-filled hotel lobbies and ancient sites as she begins to grapple with her grief and her emotions from the war—but when she runs into Sultan on a ferry crossing unexpectedly, the chemistry is undeniable.'


Writer/director Zeina Durra returns to the Sundance Film Festival (The Imperialists Are Still Alive!, 2010) with a restrained story of romance post-trauma.


Andrea Riseborough shines as the naturally playful and delicately subdued Hana, a woman longing for intimacy and struggling to rebirth love. The city serves not only as the film’s setting but also as a point of remembrance and as an ode to the past, as Luxor honors the belief in energies, timing, and the magic of second chances.