Industry speculation surrounding Lebanese Ramadan Series


By April 08, 2020



Until last year, the Lebanese content creation industry was on the rise, in terms of both quality and quantity of Dramas released during the peak season. 15 brand new titles aired last Ramadan, 25% more than the year before according to’s exclusive annual Ramadan report.


This year, Lebanese production companies are facing a very challenging situation with the ongoing revolution, and a pandemic to top it off.  With Ramadan only 2 weeks away, the imposed curfews and ever changing government regulations are making it difficult for production companies to deliver the titles on time, while cast members remain under quarantine and strict travel bans are restricting location choice.


“ Ramadan series come and go, but if we’re gone, we’re gone” commented Amal Bechoucha, a lead actress in ISee Media’s  Ramadan Drama “The Sculptor”, in a telephone interview with ET Online  “There’s a big question mark over all upcoming Ramadan productions”. she added.


There were more than 10 high quality Lebanese series scheduled to be released this year during the holy season. While pre-struck deals are still being advertised on channels like AbuDhabi TV and Dubai TV, giant production companies like Eagle Films, Cedars Art, and Isee media are faced with very tough decisions. Rumours are still circulating in the industry about freezing titles with high production values, and in some cases even changing scripts to shorten the typical 30-episode series to 15 episodes- in attempt to work with footage that has already been shot. Regardless of what the outcome is, Lebanese Dramas have over the past couple of years already proved their success on both the regional and international scale, with more Lebanese dramas winning international awards and taking the lead in exported Arabic Content.  A missed Ramadan season only means that everyone is keeping safe, and things will be back bigger and stronger!