Egypt’s Content Creation industry staying strong in the face of Corona Virus


By April 08, 2020



Egypt’s Content Creation industry staying strong in the face of Corona Virus.


Producers of Egyptian Dramas and TV Content, announced that the Ramadan line-up of TV Dramas and shows so far will remain un altered.

Egypt is amongst numerous countries affected by the pandemic. The Content Creation industry around the globe is suffering, with many big budget productions being cancelled or postponed. Despite travel restrictions, lock downs and curfews, Egyptian production companies were able to pull through with an estimated 20 titles that will be delivered during the holy season.


“Thankfully,  we are remaining strong and will continue moving forward and delivering on our promises. This Ramadan, 16 high quality Egyptian titles will be released by UMS, some of them airing on various linear Channels across the region, but all digital rights remain exclusive to WatchIt.” commented  Mustapha Bekheet, CEO of WatchIt!, Egypt’s biggest OTT platform.


Shereen Magdy, Managing Director of Stars Media, also confirmed that her company will be releasing two Ramadan titles as originally planned.

“ We’re  running numerous rounds of sanitization of all our locations to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being on set. At the sane time, we must adhere to curfews and government regulations, which right now is set from 7 pm to 6 am, so far there is still enough time in a day to shoot, and everything is on schedule.”


Content consumption typically increases by around 70% during Ramadan, based on research over the past 3 years. This year, assuming that lockdowns continue during Ramadan, audiences are expected to more than double.