Kalevala World Ltd presents its TV / VOD drama series in development to the global financiers, producers and distributors


By mena.tv April 08, 2020



'' KALEVALA – The Return of The Golden Age’’ It’s a mythical adventure which explores one of the most important issues of our time: The interdependence and unity of human life with Nature. 


The story is based on the ancient Finns’ oral tradition – the so-called Kalevala heritage – from which among others J.R.R. Tolkien was greatly inspired while writing his best-selling novels. The drama series’ creator, Mr. Veli-Heikki Uusitupa studied his ancestors’ heritage for 25 years. He was able to restore the ancient story-universe by open more than 100 sacred symbols and several long-lost paths of wisdom. This became the unique bases of the Kalevala drama series.