Egypt’s UMS provides Watch iT! VOD services free of charge after Government imposes curfews and travel bans.


By April 08, 2020



In effort to be the main provider of entertainment in each Egyptian household during the current period of restricted movement imposed by the Egyptian Governement, UMS’s management announces waiving subscription fees to its digital streaming platform “Watch iT!”

This encourages Families to get together an enjoy a wide range of Egyptian Drama, programs, and movies for free for the time being.


Engineer Hussam Saleh, spokesman for the United Information Services, affirmed this free service offer as part of the contribution of the group in supporting the precautionary measures taken by the state to control the spread of Corona virus  And with the current campaign "stay at home"

According to the group's management headed by businessman Tamer Morsi, the free availability of this service contributes to the entertainment of Egyptian families  through the platform's content, which is one of the most important dramas, the strongest films and plays, and the most successful TV programs.


Saleh reported that the platform is preparing to launch other surprises within the next few hours, and the one-month free extension will be made for all participants in the platform after the end of their subscription period.


This comes after the United declared a complete plan to provide developmental, educational,  awareness-raising  and  recreational  content to Egyptians during this difficult period that the whole world passes through.