MENA networks buying more 3rd party content


By May 12, 2020



Recent trends are recording a continuous surge in content consumption in the MENA region, a pattern that is shared with many countries across the globe. In response, broadcasters and streaming platforms have been busy sourcing “new” titles to add some variety to their grids and libraries.


With content production in the region forced to scale down by more than 40% due to lock downs, travel restrictions, and budget constraints, more content buyers in MENA are digging through their inboxes trying to find those old pitch emails from vendors they met at previously attended content markets.


It’s not that they now suddenly have bigger budgets to acquire, but it seems that acquisition criteria are changing, and the focus is shifting towards affordable international libraries. It also appears that vendors are relaxing their conditions, such as removing MOQs, as demonstrated by the recent email campaign by TV Azteca marketing their library titles.

Many new international vendors have been tapping into the selling opportunities in the MENA region but have run into little obstacles such as Language barriers and cultural sensitivities when it comes to proposing a selection of titles, especially for vendors dealing with state broadcasters like Kuwait TV, Oman TV , and Bahrain TV.


“ We regularly monitor website activity and email clicks, and I’ve noticed that MENA Buyers are twice as likely to click and browse on titles with a compelling Arabic synopsis and a title that makes sense in Arabic” Commented Billal Chalabi, Buyer Guide at  “ No matter how catchy or popular the title is, chances are they might just scroll on if they don’t understand it. That’s why the Arabic section of our website and our mailers are crucial”. now offers low -cost translations of show synopsis or recommending dubbing houses for a potential deal. Also, tailored consultancy services are available vendors who want to expedite closing their first deal in MENA,  where trilingual consultants will go through a vendor’s library to recommend titles that are most likely to sell in the region, based on historical grid analysis from broadcasters and streaming platforms.


A range of the available marketing /consultancy services and rates are listed here.