26% surge in Netflix' UAE subscriber numbers


By mena.tv May 25, 2020



The number of people in the UAE logging on to watch their favourite movies and shows on Netflix increased by 26% in March at the outset of the country’s national sterilisation programme and nationwide lockdown.


Netflix is coming off of its best quarter yet for subscriber growth.


The streaming service added a record 15.8 million subscribers worldwide, as it benefited in the first quarter from the global coronavirus pandemic, with house-bound people spending more time watching streaming services, contributing to the success of hits like Tiger King and Love Is Blind.


According to figures released by the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), Netflix saw a 26% increase in use during the month of March.


The TRA said social media platforms in general also witnessed a huge upsurge in use for the month.


This included a 22% increase in Twitter, 17% Facebook, 16% YouTube, 12% Instagram and a 9% increase in Snapchat.