Virtual Screenings 2020 hailed as a huge success


By May 25, 2020



All continents are very active in 'compulsive detection'. In 8 days, there have been 6,455 sessions, 48,208 visits to the exhibitors' stands and almost 6,000 screenings.


On Tuesday, May 19, it can be said that it had the same traffic as on Monday: around 400 new participants and more than 500 screenings. The difference was that if shoppers focused more on big brands on Monday, they shared projections on much more content on Tuesday. This can be verified with the two cakes, "Top Sites by Screenings" and "Most Viewed Content," which show most sites and titles with similar activity.


In terms of participants by region, participation has remained fairly stable in the last 4-5 days: North America 34%, Latin America 28%, Europe 23% and Asia 12%, plus another 3%. If we check the "Sites visited by region" chart again, we see that most of the leading sites received good visits from Europe, Asia. After the top 12 sites shown in the table, the list continues with: ZDF (Germany) with 14 visits from America, 20 (!) Europe and no Asia; Eccho Rights (Sweden) 20-10-2; MGE (USA) 28-2-2; RCN (Colombia) 16-14-2; Channel 13 (Chile) 20-8-2; Goldbee (Spain) 14-10-4; and MADD (Turkey), 16-6-4.


Gender trends? Virgina Mouseler, Executive Director of The Wit (France): "On the script side, medical dramas and stories based on real events, due to a pandemic scenario, will be the main narrative inspirations for 2020 productions when they are open." Eduardo Fernández, head of acquisitions, Artear (Argentina): "We are looking for primetime dramas, family movies for thirteen and action movies for the Magazine channel."


In Asia Pacific, according to an ATF survey, Pandemic or not, the 4 main genres are always dramas, children, formats and documents and facts, in this order. PL Ho, VisionPlus (Malaysia): "We are looking for fun and happy shows." Shalline Chok, Yoohoo Media (Australia / New Zealand): "Inspiring / Inspiring Medical Titles and Content". Donarsi Yosianto Iskandar, True Digital (Indonesia): "We have gone from dramas and unscripted formats to self-improvement videos."


AVOD is the new big thing. How important is it today? Although only between 3 and 6% of US households. USA They use AVOD services (amp analysis), they have doubled their market in 5 years. And Reelgood adds that since the Covid-19 outbreak began, AVOD's audience increased by 148%. For every 100 clicks played in early March, there are now 248. The report also ensures that, on average, total weekly streaming per user increases 26.5% over the same time period. And in the total broadcast environment (SVOD, AVOD, TV Everywhere and TVOD), the free options have a 28.62% audience share.