Intigral launches linear channel, undertakes remote operations


By June 08, 2020


Intigral launched a linear channel called Jawwy TV on IP last month to complement the Jawwy TV streaming service. The IP version carries a mix of curated content that primarily includes some of Intigral’s originals and exclusives.


As the launch coincided with the start of Ramadan as well as the Covid-19 outbreak, the Intigral team also implemented a robust remote operational strategy under the leadership of Tony Saab, VP of Content and Production at Intigral, to ensure a seamless entertainment experience for its viewers.


The remote implementation included the deployment of a CreateCtrl planning and scheduling system as well as a Lighthouse module from Pebble Beach Systems. The Lighthouse installation adds to the ongoing deployment of Pebble solutions that started at Intigral way back in 2014. 


As the brain behind Intigral’s recent content acquisition and production strategy, Saab says the addition of Jawwy TV on the linear box is part of the company’s efforts to ensure that it reaches a wider audience with its Originals.


“We offer carefully selected content on Jawwy TV. If our audience likes it and wants to binge watch, they can go to Jawwy on the SVOD platform. Our objective is to offer our audiences a wide variety of content on different platforms so they can really experience our entertainment through the medium of their choice.”

Intigral was fortunate that it started on its Ramadan productions as early as Q4 of 2019, says Saab, as a result of which, it was able to air its original productions as initially planned.