Ouarzazate, Capital of Moroccan Cinema, Deserted by Foreign Filming


By mena.tv June 08, 2020


The city, described as the capital of Moroccan cinema, normally attracts film crews from all over the world. But since the beginning of the pandemic in Morocco, which began in March, causing an interruption in international air traffic, foreign film crews have left Morocco in a hurry, forced to stop filming.


In addition to the thousands of people working in the film industry in Morocco, the pandemic also claimed other side-victims, including the Atlas Studios, established in 1984. This is where “The Diamond of the Nile” with Michael Douglas was filmed, and more recently “Gladiator”, “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Vikings”, “Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra” and some episodes of “Game of Thrones”.


So what is the future of Moroccan cinema? According to Said Andam, a member of the Ouarzazate Film Commission, a possible resumption of filming is likely in September or October of this year, after the reopening of international air traffic.


This is good news for the film sector, especially as Said Andam says he continues to receive requests for location scouting. ” There is hope of a return to business as usual,” says the film professional.