Ramadan 2020 report: filled with pleasant surprises!


By mena.tv June 08, 2020



The mena.tv Ramadan report, an annual report providing in -depth analysis of the region’s most popular TV month of the year, will be available as soon as next week.


Following the high demand for last year’s comprehensive report, the mena.tv insights team decided to enhance the level of depth and detail this year, adding Content market trends and viewership analysis that are useful to regional and international content sellers, buyers, dubbing/ servicing companies, and media professionals.


Broadcasters often use the audience analytics segment of mena.tv reports to drive important decisions such as what to air and when, and what genres to acquire.  Similarly, content distributors are able to easily identify new target buyers for their upcoming offering, and finding out about new buyers and who the biggest spenders are.

Last year, the report captured first-time ever trends such as a 92% decline in number of titles offered on Youtube,  Netflix joining in the festivities of the holy season and starting bidding wars for their first acquisition of 6 new Ramadan titles, and Lebanon leading the way in terms of production values, recording an increase of 21% In titles produced.


This year, the data analyzed will reveal trends that were both expected and unexpected as a result of the pandemic and its impact on the regional and the global content community.  A COVID- 19 slide will feature pandemic-related trends, some of which portray how the industry is adapting to new norms, highlighting numerous opportunities for both Content creators and Broadcasters/ streamers. For example, how did the industry/ react to shortages in supply of Ramadan Content? How was this received by MENA audiences? To what extent were the OTT buyers affected? Have piracy trends changed since last year?


A free report will be accessible next week only to mena.tv registered members. Joining the mena.tv community is free and ensures that you are kept informed about the MENA Content market. Register here.