SHAHID is now available on all smart TV brands across MENA


Consumers in Middle East, purchasing any smart TV will receive a complimentary subscription to Shahid’s premium offering, Shahid VIP.  Based on a recent market research, MBC revealed that there are an increasing number of Shahid VIP subscribers prefer to have access to their content via larger screens on top of their mobile phones.


In addition to screencast via smartphones, the Shahid app is now available on all TV brands such as LG, Samsung, TLC Hisense, Sony Philips, Toshiba and Skyworth. Other streaming devices include Apple TV and Xiaomi Mi Box.


“Our aim is to always offer the very best in content, experiences and technology for our viewers, and by enabling Shahid VIP across all mainstream smart TV brands, we are able to reach more consumers than ever before by supporting their additional video consumption habits,” said Dominic Farrell, Director of Digital Technology at Shahid. “Despite being a recent offering, the return has been almost immediate and the results impressive. In fact, smart TVs already account for around half of what our subscribers consume.


“Another advantage is that smart TV subscribers have, on average, double the engagement compared to a VIP subscriber using their mobile device. While our effort is making subscribers happier, it is also moving the needle across all our service metrics. More devices will be added soon to the list ensuring everyone enjoys their favourite premium video content whenever, wherever and however they want.”