Orange Egypt launches ‘Hareef Tamseel Trivia’ in collaboration with iconic Yousra



Orange Egypt launched  ‘Hareef Tamseel Trivia’ in collaboration with the iconic actress Yousra at the fourth edition of El Gouna Film Festival on October 24.


‘Hareef Tamseel Trivia’ is tailor made to support young and local talents.


 Orange Egypt has chosen GFF  as it’s Launchpad for this special new initiative and service, in collaboration with the iconic actress Youssra.


 The platform invites Orange customers to a film themselves acting out a scene from or inspired by the legend’s work.


They then upload it to the service’s dedicated platform, where it will be displayed for all the world to see - and vote on.


 Each month, the two actors with the highest votes will be shortlisted, before one overall winner will be chosen out of them by Youssra herself to star alongside her in an upcoming Ramadan TV series.

On the side-lines  of the event launching Orange Egypt honoured the one and only Yousra.