New Season of '' Al Anisa Farah'' Coming out this Week!



The creators of ''Al Anisa Farah'' announced that the second season will be available on SHAHID as of the 15th of November.


The show tells the story of a one “Miss Farah”, portrayed by Egyptian actress Asma Abo Elyazeid, who works in a hotel and, at the same time, tries to set aside some time for studying. As fate would have it, Farah’s whole life turns upside down when she gets artificially inseminated by mistake. She then becomes a pregnant woman who is, surprisingly enough, still a virgin! (This show is an adaptation of an original foreign series having the same events.)


The second season revolves around the break-up of Shady and Farah. That is after they realized that Farah’s child is, in fact, not shady’s son. It is also worth mentioning here that Shady is portrayed by Egyptian Actor Ahmed Magdy.


This is the first time for the young actress, Asma Abo Elyazeid, to star in a T.V show. She has also played a lot of memorable roles in T.V shows and feature films over the past few years. She first rose to prominence for her role in the T.V show “Hathaa Al Masaa” or “This Evening” by Egyptian director Tamer Mohsen, and she started working on many other projects ever since then.