Roya’s Production “Tahqeeq Amni” on



A collaboration between Roya TV and Shahid was made, where the Arab Broadcasting Service Shahid, that offers Video on Demand service, bought the TV program “Tahqeeq Amni” from Roya TV. This is the first time a program produced by Roya will be broadcasted on Shahid. Shahid is considered to be the most popular entertainment platform in the Arab world, offering unlimited viewing of original works, exclusive series, and Arab films directly after being in cinema.

Tahqeeq Amni is a Jordanian television program that covers stories of real crimes that took place in various regions in Jordan, produced by Roya TV and
written by Omar Arafa.

Tahqeeq Amni is a program that discusses the mystery behind ambiguous issues in Jordan, trying to uncover the details of each story. Each episode talks about an important issue narrated through reenactments and interviews.

Criminal sentences include murder with the intent to steal, family abuse and murder by one’s own parent, honor killing in the name of family, and other crimes.

Keep watching to uncover the rest of the reasons behind the crimes that have been committed. You will now be able to watch Tahqeeq Amni on Shahid’s website, where all episodes will become available.
Tahqeeq Amni is a production that was created through an initiative called ‘The Creative Lab’, a platform supported by the Roya TV to gather creative ideas with the aim of supporting talents in all fields. Through it, users can suggest and produce a movie or TV show and add it to our scheduled programs. It started getting most of its ideas in the years between 2000-2010.

While this is the first partnership between Shahid and Roya, we hope that there will be more to come in the future.