Spacetoon debuts original “The Moshaya Family Animation” series


Spacetoon has announced the premiere of its new original animation show, The Moshaya Family Animation, on Spacetoon TV Channel and The Moshaya Family YouTube channel.


Such has been its popularity that the show has amassed more than 1 million views in less than a day when it launched. At the time of publishing this article, the video had been viewed more than 2 million and counting.


Spacetoon has revealed that over 50 experts have teamed up preparing Spacetoon’s original show which included 13 episodes (10 minutes).


Each storyline in the series tags different adventures and lessons, shaping a unique experience of entertainment, and a chance to bond with the family members' characteristics of the caring dad, inventor Anas and popular Iman who manage to get away from Yousef’s traps, and the mastermind, baby Jad.

Ahmad Weiss, commercial director, Spacetoon said: “We are proud to collaborate with The Moshaya Family and to launch this show, which went viral on its first day and achieved wide success by taking Spacetoon’s audience to the next level of entertainment. Our main concern at Spacetoon has always been to develop local content that suites Arab families, and to meet kids’ needs and the surging demand for animation in MENA. 


“In this show, we delivered a creative integration to the sponsors: STC, Almarai, and SAMACO TOY, to showcase their brands and help boost the brands' visibility and awareness among the target audience.”

Mohamad Moshaya commented: "Spacetoon has helped us deliver entertainment in a new medium of 2D animation. We are very happy with the level of detail and professionalism involved. We believe the opportunities presented to us as partners are great and look forward to further ventures ahead."

Spacetoon has also revealed that they will soon release The Moshaya Family merchandise, that'll match the theme and the target audience of The Moshaya Family, taking the brand to the next step commercially and visibly in the market, and aiming to make the experience ultimately joyful for their audience.

The audience can be tuned-in every Monday to watch a new episode on Spacetoon TV. Moreover, they can watch the episodes anytime and anywhere on Spacetoon’s VOD online streaming service, Spacetoon Go, in addition to the Moshaya YouTube channel and Spacetoon YouTube channel.