“Exhibition 421” announces a digital cinematic program


“Gallery 421”, in Abu Dhabi, announced the return of the Contemporary Arab Cinema Program, which will be held via the Internet, under the title “Blessed are those who discussed”, in partnership with Cinema Akil. The program shows a distinguished group of films, starting on February 24th with “You Will Die at Twenty” by Amjad Abu Al-Ola, and “Hanna Ward” by Murad Mustafa, followed by director Abdul Mohsen Al-Dabaan’s film entitled “The Last Visit”, then “Clouds” by its director, Mozna Al-Musafir, and “ The time limit is five », and to conclude with the film 200 Meters directed by Amin Nayfeh on April 7th.The screening of each of the films is followed by an online discussion session with the filmmakers.


“This series of films brings life back to the big screen, with the support of the fabric of bodies and spaces, and their proximity to living experiences,” according to a press release of the exhibition about the event. It is a program for those who searched for their heartbreaking chase for answers, their obsession with victory, their engraving of names on the face of the world, and their moments of relaxation. Where this program comes to life as a result of a year we lived in the margins, making it dance, cry and revolt in silence and noise. Blessed are all who searched, blessed are the cheetah hunters, the football heroes, the artists, and the lovers, and forever Blessed are the dancers. Blessed are all who searched and gathered to live. ”


Gallery 421 is an art and design destination in Abu Dhabi that deals with innovative artistic practices and works, and seeks to highlight and develop local and regional talent across a broad spectrum of artistic fields. Gallery 421, through its cooperation with many local, regional and international bodies, aims to support the artistic and creative scene in the Emirates through a wide range of educational and research activities.