Egyptian Movie “Tuk-Tuk” Reaps Awards and Admiration




A good, refined production takes the viewer into its world, which what the Egyptian movie “Tuk-Tuk” achieved.


The movie is from the distinguished director Mohamed Kheidr, who co-wrote the script with the brilliant writer Sherif Abdel Hadi.

The production is based on a true story and marks Kheidr’s first directional work.


The pair created a very intimate but present in the world, this vision made the production participate in many international film festivals, as it is not only a distinct and refined work but it is a local and global topic as well.


Kheidr studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, he delivered his artistic version of the marginalized, striking the viewers of the greatness of the late director Mohamed Khan, who presented the world of the marginalized with love, beauty, and sincerity.

This vision made the movie participate in many important festivals such as the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France, and participated in the official competition at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival. It also participated in the official competition at the 45th Cleveland International Film Festival in Ohio, USA.

The movie also received the second prize at the Alexandria Short Film Festival.


She plays an oppressed, overburdened wife and mother, who is forced to work as a tuk-tuk driver.

Wagdy performs the role with the utmost credibility and naturalness that surprises the viewers with her outstanding acting skills, which won her the Best Actress award at the Vienna International Film Awards and earned the movie the Best Women’s Film Award at the Bahrain Film Festival.




“Tuk-Tuk” stars Elham Wagdy, Ashraf Mahdy, Mohamed Khamis, Nada Akram, Omar Rashid, Mary Gerges, and others.

The cast also featured Yahya Al-Gharib as an artistic producer. The movie’s music was created by Saif El-Din Helal.

Beauty queens always enter the entertainment industry from the door of beauty and grace and rarely do we find one with talent until Egyptian TV presenter and actress Elham Wagdy came, the owner of that attractive face who worked for years as a TV presenter on the Mbc channel.

Wagdy often mesmerized the views with her beauty and elegance, this time, she surprised the audience by starring as the lead actress of the short movie.


Source: SEE Egy by  Yara Sameh