Having just recently announced a similar deal for the award-winning format “Mute It!”, Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) and Nippon TV have today announced a deal whereby WBITVP is set to develop and produce the hit gameshow format “Sokkuri Sweets.”


WBITVP has acquired the exclusive rights to produce the local version of “Sokkuri Sweets” in the Netherlands, and WBITVP’s production company BlazHoffski has already started production on the local adaptation titled “Showcolade” set to air on NPO1, the No.1 rated public broadcast channel in the Netherlands, where the series will air every Sunday prime-time beginning April 18th.


Since its first broadcast at Nippon TV, the format has become a phenomenon with audiences from all over Japan loving its wackiness. “Sokkuri Sweets” is a hilarious gameshow in which celebrities try to spot sweets/pastries that look identical to objects in real life. Top notch pastry chefs will create masterpieces, challenging the eyes of the celebrities. Whether it’s a shoe, a plant, or a doorknob, they must distinguish if it’s real or fake while only being able to view the object from a distance. The sweets can be very deceptive even when looking closely. Once they decide, there’s only one way to find out: by taking a big bite. 


Based on the original format, the Dutch local version “Showcolade” (meaning “Chocolate show”) will have arrangements unique to the Netherlands as an export titan of chocolate. As the title says, all sweets are created by the leading chocolatiers in the Netherlands, and the only ingredient they can use is chocolate. In the final episode, the winning chocolatier is decided by how many of their works are not found out as a “fake” throughout the series.


The announcement was made today by Ms. Mikiko Nishiyama, Managing Director of International Business Development for Nippon TV who commented, “It is an immense honor to once again have WBITVP embrace another one of our crazy, Japanese game shows and deliver it to the world, not long after the phenomenal launch of “Mute it!” on SBS6 in the Netherlands this March. I have no doubt that “Showcolade” will have great success in the Netherlands and provide an entertaining treat to viewers with its sweet surprises and laughter as the chocolatiers make their country proud on this global stage.”