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Introducing - the B2B Marketplace for TV Content in the Middle East and North Africa is the TV Content Marketplace of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It’s a huge market: almost 400 million people spread across 21 countries are avid TV watchers, served by hundreds of TV and streaming networks. Each network needs to buy thousands of hours of new content every year, and this same content can be sold to pay TV, free TV and streaming networks in different countries, even to airlines and cruise operators. Every deal is different, but in each instance, there will be thousands of US dollars changing hands, and in some cases it’s millions. The MENA content market is already $3bn and growing.

For decades, geographical and language barriers, combined with the sheer numbers of buyers and sellers in the MENA market, have made it almost impossible for businesses to build the trust needed to enter into high value transactions. bridges this divide by bringing the world of TV content direct to MENA buyers in both Arabic and English. The platform allows buyers to search for the types of show they need from a range of vendors - in a secure environment where communication and trust can grow.

The platform is free to join for accredited content professionals and is fully bilingual Arabic & English. It facilitates direct communication between Buyers & Sellers, and content listings are searchable by genre with full metadata & video previews has won awards and accolades on both the regional & international stage, including a prestigious TBI Content Innovation Award for Best Distribution Initiative at MIPCOM