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If you’re a content rights holder and want to promote your titles to content buyers across the Middle East and Africa region, is here to help. Over 650 accredited professionals from broadcasters, streaming networks, telcos and distributors have registered as buyers.

Due to the current global crisis, is temporarily offering our content listing services in solidarity with the global content community (you can read our CEO's message here)


If you would like to list your titles free of charge on, please email your metadata, images and video links to as follows:

  1. METADATA - Please complete our standard metadata sheet covering all the titles you wish to list with us – you can download a blank sheet from here. Please include a short (15-25 word) and long (80-250 word) synopsis for each title in both English AND Arabic.

    It is vital that your synopsis is available in Arabic, as about half of MENA buyers do not speak or read English. If you don’t have access to professional Arabic translators, provides affordable translation services at $0.25 per word. Please DO NOT use Google Translate as the resulting Arabic synopses are unintelligible, and are detrimental both to your content and to
  2. IMAGES - Please provide your company logo suitable for a red background in .jpg format (maximum file size 3Mb). In addition, for each title:
    1. Please provide a LANDSCAPE FORMAT 16:9 poster image in .jpg or .png format. Maximum file size 3Mb
    2. If you want additional images to be included in your title listing, we will accept up to 2 additional images per title (maximum 3Mb per image)
  3. VIDEO MATERIALS - We recommend that you provide a promo/teaser for each title listed. About half of MENA buyers do not speak or read English, so we recommend that promos are dubbed or subtitled into Arabic*
    1. We accept Vimeo Pro/Business/Premium player links for promos/teasers, provided that they are not password protected. The Vimeo Pro link should follow this format: (
    2. We can also accept any open URL that ends with “.mp4”. Apologies but we do not accept YouTube links.
    3. If you want to upload and host your video materials directly on our portal (whether promos or full screeners), we can do this for you for a small cost, ($0.10 per Mb) to cover the hosting of the asset during current free listing period.
  4. * We can provide promo dubbing and subtitling, starting at as little as $50 per promo, if required. Our current rate card is available here.

If you have any questions about any of the instructions above, please do not hesitate to email us at If needed, you can also call us on +97143638638 between 07:30 GMT and 12:00 GMT from Sunday to Thursday.


We also offer a range of additional Promotion and Professional services:

  1. Professional translation of your synopses from English into Arabic at $0.25 per word. Rates for translating other languages into Arabic are available on request.
  2. We offer Dubbing and/or Subtitling of your promos/teasers. Our current rate card is available here. Please contact for more information
  1. Detailed Market and Audience analysis reports based on our proprietary data (contact for more information)
  2. Bespoke MENA market consultancy: assessing your content portfolio and recommending relevant MENA buyers based on (contact for more information)
  1. Title(s) featured on home page and/or the content page
  2. Mailshots to target buyers
  3. Direct buyer introductions / e-meetings (contact for more information relating to these services)