Arab Telemedia begins shooting "September's Gold" in Jordan starring elite Arab stars

 Arab Telemedia begins shooting "September's Gold" in Jordan starring elite Arab stars

04/10/2021 By



Arab Telemedia Group began shooting the social drama "September's Gold" in several locations in the Jordanian capital Amman. The series is the first of many productions that the group began working on for the next season, as part of what was recently announced. That is how the group will provide the Arab audience with a distinct and diverse collection of productions both in form and content.

The group has made the best out of the Covid situation to work on developing a huge sum of ideas, while applying modern writing techniques and styles to provide solid dramas that match and address the world of today.


September's Gold tells a tale of refugees suffering in times of a pandemic, as they meet those in whom the buds of love and solidarity bloom and confront those in whom the seeds of exploitation have grown, such as human traffickers who rob refugees of their hopes of living with dignity.


The importance of the series, which was written by a group of writers under the direct supervision of producer Talal Awamleh, lies in portraying the confrontation between good and evil on the one hand, and the battle between humans and the epidemic on the other hand. It tells the story of refugees who refuse to be victims, in a dramatic rhythm that is both interesting and bold, going beyond the traditional methods of addressing refugees' stories, while putting into consideration the everlasting battle between good and evil.


The series features a list of notable Jordanian and Arab stars, including Marah Gabr, Ammar Shallak, Akif Najim, Shukran Murtaja, Dana Gabr, Sari Al-Asaad, Elie Shalouhi, Noor Saab, Luna Bishara, Maitham Saleh, Hamed Marzouk, Ali Aliyan, Amira Samir, along with many other stars, artists, and young talents.


"One of the most important elements of the success of television production lies in the ability to capture current events that are associated with the major changes that cities and communities are going through, reflecting on the lives of their inhabitants, changing their ideas, and possibly their fates as well, just like what happened with the recent pandemic. This creates a momentous opportunity to capture the current situation and turn it into an exciting drama that is filled with interesting events," said Talal Al Awamleh, executive director of Arab Telemedia.


It is also worth mentioning that the Arab Telemedia Group is an independent commercial media organization, innovating and producing high-quality film and television content, founded in 1983 by producer Adnan al-Awamleh. The management of the group then moved to producer Talal Al-Awamleh. Since then, the group managed to shift from being a family business to an integrated creative group.


The group has presented many television productions, which varied from historical and social dramas to Bedouin series. Among its most notable series is The Invasion "Al Ijtiyah", which won the first and only International Emmy Award for an Arabic series in 2008. That is not to mention other series and T.V programs that received several awards at Arab festivals, such as: "Nimr bin al-Adwan", "Awdet Abu Taih", "Malik Bin Al-riab", "Sultana", "Scheherazade", "Al-Hojaj", "Al-Amin wa Al-Ma'mon", along with a large number of productions that has greatly influenced Arab screens.